So it's 6am on a Saturday morning, I’m just laying here in bed slowly waking up recapping on a great week and evening last night (Just bare with me here as my thoughts unravel) I guess in this article you might get to understand the inner workings of my brain a little bit but I promise the game changing point of this piece is coming. It will blow your mind and could make you money, so keep reading and read it all. So, I can not get over how good the pizza was last night at LeftBank here in Melbourne, like it's actually ridiculously good and I started thinking about why the pizza was so dam amazing and why LeftBank is not like a tourist attraction for how good their pizzas are. I started thinking, who is making this amazing pizza? and I tried to picture their kitchen and for some reason in my mind I envisioned an Indian chef in the kitchen-

THEN IT HIT ME. I automatically corrected myself and thought why on earth am I imagining an Indian chef has society really brainwashed me that much that I was drawing a comparison of cheap labor with my pizza?! When day-in-day-out I speak with people who hail from India and I help them get jobs with salaries on average over $110,000 per year and up(way up), and I know for a fact a lot are earning $900 per day in contract roles in the IT industry (because I place them there) There is also the fact that many companies have offshored to India, making Indian Business owners BILLIONS and guess what-THEY LIVE IN AUSTRALIA. As an IT recruiter and founder of an IoT Meetup I have enormous interaction and engagement with people from Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and honestly many of them I can call my friends I have drinks with them and let me tell you they have expensive taste!

I realised something in that moment of self awareness, the rise of the wealthy Indian population in Australia is not being discussed? It's not being noticed, or even catered to by businesses. Think about it, how often do you see in newspapers “Chinas wealthy spend big in Australia” and you see businesses directly target this audience of upper class Chinese. Conversely, you never see “Wealthy Indians Buying Big in Realestate” even though statistics and articles reveal there is a huge interest from Indians in the Australian property market. Did you know India’s economic growth is expected to surpass China’s this year. Did you know india is the second largest country in the world...right behind CHINA! Did you know Indians are the second largest non-western demographic in Australia...Right after China ( 481,820 Chinese versus 432,690 Indian estimated residents).

I know companies have been targeting the affluent Asian buyer first hand because I used to work in luxury watches and to be honest I picked up some Mandarin in my time there because in order for me to sell I had to speak some Mandarin(and I loved watching their shocked reaction when my pronunciation was on point!). Upon reflection, I remember applying for the jobs in these luxury Watch stores and if you search on seek you will see it evidently for yourself the job ads commonly say “Mandarin speaking is highly desirable” sometimes even explicitly stating "You must speak Mandarin". Of course I knew why... because they targeted this wealthy demographic. Have you also noticed the big shift in marketing of late? The ads for the luxury brands are changing to target the Chinese Buyer.

What I am saying is in Australia- whether its Homes, Watches, Bags or Fashion, the key focus seems to be the affluent Chinese buyer at the moment. So all my Indian friends are earning big dollars but no brands are providing any products catered to their needs or wants. Fashion is not catering to them with any culturally preferred styles of clothing or accessories. If Fashion was, you would see more mannequins with beading detail, multiple stacked golden bangles and gorgeous simple designs like my Indian friends wear. The beauty industry is not catering to them, if they were there would be more red hues of lipsticks, hair products specific to Indian hair and more skin brightening products, which all have been shown in Indian marketing are the things Indian women buy. Then For the male Indian buyers (how amazing is this) an article in Bangalore, have published statistics saying the Indian males are the new e-shopaholics, they are spending enormous amounts of money says CEO of, stating 70% of their online shoppers are MEN (they even outbuy women in baby products too). Apparently they have very distinctive specific buying preferences, and spend money differently to the Chinese buyer for example. Whether their wealth is accumulated from a job here in Australia, or running a huge business in India where a lot of companies are booming now thanks to offshoring of certain jobs to India, it appears their preference is to live in Australia. I don’t understand why this boom of rich Indians is not being noticed (I guess my specific observation is isolated to the tech market thats where I am seeing them earn there Moola!! ) Gone are the days of racially vilifying assumptions of indian taxi drivers or cleaners (IT NEEDS TO FUCKING STOP BY THE WAY) . Canada has got it right apparently, with a huge market for lavish homes for the wealthy indian buyer. So, a Jessica Reesby prediction and a Jessica Reesby Tip. Big Businesses, listen up, get your marketing team to sit down and start campaigning to the Indian buyer NOW, product developers and designers start working out what they want and market to the Indian buyer NOW- when you start making millions in sales you can send me a few million as a gesture of thanks for this article hopefully opening your eyes and getting you ahead of every other company when the boom hits. Oh and of course the prediction is a market with the Indian Buyer being the dominant player as opposed to the current Chinese Buyer. So I may not be Richard Branson (yet) and you may not know me (yet) and you may not believe me or think I have authority to write something like this, but I promise you this is the next big thing in Australia from an Economic perspective. I bet this article will change a businesses future, I bet it will get you thinking and I hope I have disrupted business and your way of thinking. I do hope you drop a comment and share your ideas and perspectives. I DO NOT HOPE that anyone is offended by any thing that is within this article and honestly I will gladly revise anything if it does, just drop a comment and I promise I will listen. I write for the PEOPLE all kinds of people, all sorts of issues. Yours Sincerely, Jessica Reesby Independent IT Recruitment Consultant. 0403 233 518

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