Working from home? Remote working tips

Due to the current circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 virus remote working has become more in demand than ever and the Team at Reesby are here to help make that transition easier.


1. Keep checking in and making contact with your place of work at times like these its easy to feel lonely make sure to build connections with your colleagues. Start a group message using appropriate communication channels with those in your department. Check out the apps we suggest!

2. Always try and be contactable this transition to working from home can be bumpy technical difficulties and miscommunication are more frequent during times of turbulence keep your phone, email on and try to stay up to date with any news within your company.

3. Having a back up charger or devices is always important but now more than ever make sure you stay charged and ready to tackle any challenges that may be thrown at you. If you have an iPad make sure that is charged and working to enable you another option to be able to complete work if your laptop stopped working.

4. Keeping positive, it's hard not to feel overwhelmed with the large volumes of information being spread about Coronavirus but try not to dwell on the small things keep everything in perspective and focus on what you can control and do make sure your in the best possible state of mind.

5. Take a breather: being at home does come with added distractions but it is necessary to take a break and disconnect for 10mins at a time to recharge and recover a micro break can help you refocus on the task ahead and also make sure you still take a break for a healthy lunch!

6. Stay fit and healthy, although gyms are closing it is still important to make time to take care of yourself and protect those around you. Working from home is way one to protect valuable.

7. Time management is a critical skill, and it is imperative that you use this in your day to day life when working from. Seeing the washing or other errands you may want to handle is very tempting however it is also important that remain on top of all your responsibilities there are many time management apps available to download but one old effective way is to use a timer set a time for a block of working get your tasks done then tackle things around the home.

8. Be aware of an influx of spam emails and messages many malicious companies may use this pandemic as time to take advantage of people searching for jobs, and use to this to target your personal information make sure to only accept emails/phone calls/ messages from legitimate businesses.

9. If you are put in the unfortunate position of potentially loosing your employment make sure you prepare by having a very up to date and professional resume (Reesby are always ready to help with CV and cover letter creation) right now jobs are more competitive than ever and its important you stand out from crowd.

10. Lastly, Reesby are here to support and guide you through this tough time if you would like more information regarding your own personal circumstances please feel free to reach out to us we are online and available to chat throughout the working week over the phone or even email.

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